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I know, I know, it's May.  But you guys know I'm obsessed with Christmas, even at this point of the year.  My pinterest board for Christmas is always one of the busiest, and I've met so many other Christmas obsessives over there :-). 

I've changed my tack slightly - usually by this point in the year I've bought 40-50% of my gifts, but this year I'm going smaller giftwise and have pledged to get started in September instead.  I really want to make our first Christmas in our home calm and sweet and memorable, without breaking the budget, and pinterest is an utter treasure trove for this!  Here are a few fabby ideas I've spotted recently!

Adore this - an advent calendar of tasks and activities!  I think I'll try and rustle something up like this for the badgers in 4T.

It's ideas like this that make me really thankful for pinterest.  Sleighs made from sweets = smart!  This idea will come in so handy later in the year.  I may even have the boys make some of their own.

Such a cute Christmas list!  Can't wait to print mine off come September!

Christmas planning printables?  Oh yes please!

My class love infographics like this.

Some of my talented friends did homemade gifts last year, and I think I may do the same this time around.  Love the look and the styling of this gift!

Snowman and Santa candy bars?  How perfect as a little Christmas happy!

We have Christmas drinks each year and I love to do a party bag or a little favour for people to take away with them.  Something like this might be just the ticket this year!

I plan to have the boys make these....then have hot chocolate as a class treat!

Thanks for bearing with me - this grey May has me Jonesing for cool crisp winter and Christmas on the horizon.  

Question of the day: What's your favourite holiday?

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