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As ever, pinterest continues to inspire and give me lots of ideas at home and at work.  Here are a few new pins from my 'classroom funkiness' board.

Sometimes a "reset" is needed - it's a windy day, there have been fallouts, personalities clash, whatever.  Lots of bright ideas here!

My boys are currently obsessed with card games (top trumps, cards, UNO....), with the net result that our classroom is often covered in spare/lost cards.  This idea is so smart - I'm so hitting up poundland for some soap boxes to keep them in!

Again, so clever!

Love this guide to student led brain breaks!  Often in 4T we resort to a boogie or a jump around!

Love this subway art!  Am going to display it in the fall and have my students design their own!


I love discussing money/economics with my boys.  They are so interested to know more about their world!

We're off on our away days next month- am going to print off copies of this to take, I think.
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  1. this is a very exciting idea.. i think ur kids are loving them.

    love lots


  2. Uno games can get heated, especially the debate on when the appropriate amount of time to put down the second to last card and yelling Uno is. Also there's always that person who hands on to the draw four wild card till the very end.

  3. Love the grammar goofs poster!


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