Thinks I like Thursday, May 3rd

Have had a brain freeze and I can't remember the password for my linky site....if you would like to join me in counting up the things that make you smile, please do feel free to link up via the comments.

1. Our house :-)

2.  Little by little unpacking more of our stuff and settling into the house - lots of this happening at the weekend.

3. Upcoming's SO long overdue!  My mane is positively leonine a ce moment!

4.  The fact that the coming weekend is a three day weekend.  Moving last weekend, a busy work and social week, plus rejoining the commuting masses has me exhausted!  There will be a LOT of sleeping.

5.  Sending Matthew links of cat rescue websites.  I am so excited to have some cats of our own in the next few months.

6.  Girldates - bring on the wine and noms and silly chat!

7. The Voice.  Just good old fashioned entertainment!  Funny, charming, and the people can really sing!

8.  Summer planning.

9.  Seeing who can come up with the worst joke with my class!

10.  Looking around online for little doodads for the house.

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  1. Things I like Thursday:

    children's laughter
    art photography calendars
    my new iPad
    the ladybug art all over the walls of my classroom
    the quilt I got for teacher appreciation

    I could go on...


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