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I am a sucker for a good quote.  My wall at school has tonnes of them, and when I was younger I used to keep notebooks of clever sayings around for counsel, comfort and inspiration.  Nowadays, thank the Lord for the internet, because I can pin any quote I like to the board I have for quotes over on Pinterest!

This is one of my very favourite Lewis quotes.  I love the gentle, scholarly way he discusses faith and belief and love.  Such an interesting man, such an incredible mind.

I'm a big Emerson fan too.  His poem 'Definition of a Successful Life' is one of my favorite pieces ever.

Worth remembering, in this season of reports and new houses and exams!

I remember having a good old chat with my friend Richard about this a year or so ago.  We agreed on this.  I'm a big fan of showing up, of being there, and failing that (because geography messes with us all), making time to call, write or email.  It's so nice when people make time for you, or when you do the same for them!

It seems so simple and obvious when it's put like that!

I would like PJs with this on.  A quote to cherish, for sure!

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  1. Those are great quotes, thanks for sharing.

  2. I have notebooks full of quotes, scraps of paper on my desk at home and work, and e-mails I keep adding quotes to and forwarding to myself. These are fantastic! I am going to add them to my collection. Thanks doll!


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