The thoughts inside my head...

...are buzzing, humming, whizzing to and fro.

Ideas, plans, memories.

I long for a jar to pop them in, till I have time to sift through them all.

This point in the year is great, but so busy.  With the long, lazy (well, as lazy as you'd like it to be!) summer break just around the corner and over the hill, we have the busiest, second busiest, third busiest and fourth busiest weeks in the second half of the school year in quick succession.


Exams are marked.  Activities week kicks off tomorrow.  Reports are started, but a fair ways from finished.

And all I want to do is sit in the open air and sip a beer.

Summer is going to feel well earned this year!

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  1. Its always so hectic just before the summer. I am slightly frazzled (and ill) but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can see it too!

  2. "And all I want to do is sit in the open air and sip a beer."


  3. Eep is right! You get out much later than we do here.

    Summer relaxing sounds great!


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