New Year's Ambitions update

 OH!  We're halfway there!
(earworm alert)
1. Write a 10,000 word children's story. So far: 2,334/10,000.

Despite this officially being a summer project, I finally made a start this past month.  This proved two things to me.  Firstly, the idea I have is strong enough to spin out into a story.  Secondly, it's going to end up much, much longer than 10,000 words!

2. Write 200 letters/ cards / notes / postcards. So far: 135/200.

Once summer break begins, I'll be sending a gazillion thank yous for all our housey cards.  I anticipate a big spike here!

3. Swim twice a week. So far: 1/104.

Not even a hope of this happening, as I'm not a member of a pool.  Ooooops.

4. Go for three months without buying anything from Starbucks (June, July and August). This should help with #10 and #13 too! So far: 31/92.

In the bag, so far!

5. Write a blog post a day for the whole of 2012. 175/366.

Not quite managing every day, but have only missed about five days this year.  Pretty cool!

6. Go for three months with no alcoholic beverages (January, March, and May). This should help with #10 and #13 too! So far: 70/93.

7. Complete all 52 weeks of a Project Life book and send it off to be published. So far: 25/52.

Going well - and I'm loving having the posts and the book to look back on!

8. Give blood. So far: 0/1

Hannah and I are making an appointment for this soon!

9. Read 52 books in the 52 weeks of 2012. So far: 28/52.

I love being a bookworm.

10. Become 'overweight' rather than 'obese'. So far: -5/66.

A total failure in the first half of the year.  Back on it though, and while the 66 is well out of reach, I'm hoping for 20-40 pounds.  More on my other blog.

11. Volunteer for 3 hours per months (or equivalent of). So far: 30/36.

Nearly at the target!

12. Walk 500 Miles.** So far: 240/500.

Just below the halfway mark!

13. Have the equivalent of 2 months salary saved up for a rainy day. So far: 0%/100%

RESET: As the money I was saving has been invested into our first home together, I've set a new target, to have £1,000 saved by the end of the year.  So far: 50%/100%


14. Go out and have fun, do things (parties, movies, gigs, theatre etc.) at least 4 times a month. So far: 37/48.

Such fun!

So that's how my ambitions are going.  Some real successes, some real failures, and plenty to work on.  How are your new year's resolutions going, here at the halfway point?


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  1. I think overall you are doing extremely well! And you've still got half a year left!

    Good for you for keeping track of your progress.

  2. You are making such amazing progress - go go gadget Claire!


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