Country Mouse In The City, Part 1

A few weeks ago, I wrote a guest post for my friend Tracy on the things I like to do here in London.  That inspired me to share more about this awesome city, so from time to time I'll be sharing about my favourite things to do here in town.  I've been here three years, so there's plenty to share!

Number 1 is the Thornley six-part bimble:

A six-part tour of some of London's most wonderful sites (best tube stop to start: Charing Cross/Leicester Square).

Part 1: Head to Trafalgar Square.  Look at Nelson on his column and the lions by their fountain.  In the warm weather enjoy the many people splashing in the fountains!
Part 2: Leave the square and head under Admirality Arch to the wide and sweeping grandeur of The Mall.  Relive the many carriage processions you've watched sweep through here.
Part 3: Reach Buckingham Palace.  Take many pictures.  Do a very happy dance if the Royal Standard is flying high, signifying Her Majesty being at home.  
Part 4: Walk along or through the calm sweetness of Green Park.
Part 5: Marvel at the Wellington Arch, and if you've time, visit Apsley House, the residence of the Duke of Wellington, with the fabulous address 'Number 1, London'.
Part 6: You've walked a little over a mile, and you're now in Hyde Park.  Take a turn about, watch the ducks on the Serpentine, wander through to the beautiful Kensington gardens (where sometimes you might catch a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge walking her dog, Lupo), or head north towards Oxford Street if the shops are calling...

Part 2 to follow soon :)

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  1. Your city is my favorite city! What is a bimble?


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