La Ritournelle*

* which is the title for this blog post purely because I wanted to blog about returning (the return being le retour, if my high school French is somewhere inside my little cranium!), but at first I fluffed the spelling, and instead wandered to the title of this great piece of music:

This track just reminds me of the mid-noughties.  Starry skies.  Driving late at night.  Walking on the beach at Findhorn.  Making mix CDs.  Talking on myspace (showing my age there ;)) about bands and movies.

Good times.

And a pretty good illustration of the winding roads my brain can often take!

So, I've been away from blogging for about a week.  A sabbatical, if you will.

I love writing, I love blogging, I love reading and commenting and sharing, but something was calling me to disconnect.  Just for a time.  To spend time playing cards, chatting with friends, watching eleven hundred million hours of Olympics coverage, napping, reading, walking in the sun, playing with kittens, and daydreaming.

It has been ace.

I return feeling replenished and full of beans, with tonnes of ideas for blog posts and things I'd like to blog about.  Life is good, man.

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  1. I love that you're back. You are the best.

  2. Full of beans? I daresay that means something much different in British than American :)


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