A post from Poppet

Oh helloes!

I fort that as both Leela and Fry ad written two you all, I wood do a little pooter hijacking of my own!  My name is Poppet (or Pops, or Popsicle, or Honey, or Mamma-cat) and I am the biggest (and strongest, cleverest and most bootiful, if you ask me) of Maffoo and Clurs three katzen.  The wee wuns are only four months old but I am nearly TWO!

That makes me very growed up and importunt, don't yew think?

Anyhoo, I fort I would type a quick note to let you all no a little bit about me.  When I am not writin, I enjoys napping, fightin the itten katzen, and miaowing at Maffoo and Clur.  I have quite the range of miaows, from friendly greeting to heartfelt yowl of I-know-I-as-dinner-but-I-rilly-like-complaining.  I loves the weekends cos I gets lots of fusses, visiters come to pay omage, and I get to go OUTSIDE!

Witch is where I am off now.  Later, oomans!

Poppet 'I don't need a middle name' R.
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  1. Poppet, my dear, you should come visit me in the U.S. We'd have a blast. - Vasil P. McNut

    No, I don't get enough sleep as it is! - Earl Grey


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