Back on track

September's an odd month, health wise.

I'm so busy I vary wildly from eating far too much (the return of school lunches, birthday doughnuts and late night snacks grabbed after marking) to not eating enough (waking up faint and with excruciating leg cramp one morning this week as I'd eaten and drunk far too little the day before -oops!). 

Exercise has gone the way expected, dropping to a measly hour a week of walking, and in October I'm looking forward to prioritising this aspect.  I can hear the home gym calling me....I just need to respond!

One element of health I've done far better with is getting enough rest.  It might sound simple, but this time last year I was on a downwards spiral and headed for migraines and misery.  This year I average 7 hours a night, with a big top up sleep each Friday.  I feel awesome for it.

So, the first month of trying to be healthy has been a mixed bag, but I am learning routines and habits that I hope will gain traction moving forward.  Here's hoping!
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  1. So glad you are resting - you rock xx

  2. With so many places to walk in London, you'll do it, easy ;)


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