Blue skies & the crunch of leaves


I have a major case of the September tireds.  But I am fighting them with naps, coffees, and occasional early nights (in bed at nine on Friday - so rock and roll!).

In these first few weeks of term, the pace is frenetic, and I haven't yet got the rhythm of my days - the morning I can afford an extra ten minutes in bed.  The lunchtime where lingering for a chat is an option (as much as you can when the break for lunch is only 35 minutes, or if you're on duty, 12!).  The free period that's ripe for marking, when a comfy corner close to the coffee machine is open.  This time in a fortnight I'll have it down, but now is a different case :).  It's good though, this starting over, this getting used to.  It's worth it.

My new form are lovely, but as is the wont of young boys, require lots and lots of bounce and energy.  I'm enjoying getting to know their little ways and quirks, learning how to make them giggle, where to pitch the work.  My Year 5 English students and Year 6 Historians are fab too - it's always so lovely to see some familiar faces returning!

Life continues apace also - time with friends and excitements and letters to write and fun to plan.  Blog posts to schedule.  Meals to make.  And long lazy evenings, all too rare, tucked up with the kitties.  Life is good, but life is busy!  I am determined *not* to hibernate and hide, but instead to enjoy my friends and my love and my home and my hobbies and my city as well as work.  After all, all work and no play...

Junior League has me busy too.  I'll be blogging soon about our great Holiday Hampers project, which brings festive joy to over a thousand families in the capital.  I'm one tiny cog in a very very big machine, but I love being part of something so cool. And Christmassy.

Can you believe it's 99 days till Christmas?  I promised this year I wouldn't plan properly until September 25th.....but now the season for planning and dreaming and wishing is nearly here.  There's always time for Christmas fun!

The cats are getting sweeter and sweeter by the week.  They are so well settled now, and such good fun to be around.  I am loving to get to know their little natures.  Poppet the boss, our talkative girl, Matthew's biggest fan.  Fry our sweet boy, who loves to give kisses and have tummy rubs.  Leela, who's such a quirky little thing, but who loves nothing better than a good old purr and a snuggle with me.  Oh, and cheese.

How's your September going?
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  1. 12 minutes for lunch? Mon dieu! That sounds military. I'll enjoy September more when it cools off.

    1. It's one of the quirks of the job! Can't wait for proper autumn and cool temps!

  2. That's hilarious that Leela likes cheese! I've never known a cat to like cheese. Rilo liked Salt 'n Vinegar potatoes and peanut butter, so go figure.

    Yah... this month is exhausted. Last week kicked my ass. I know it gets less tiring too. I'm like you - I'm keeping busy doing lots of fun stuff, but I still feel the need for nights at home and early bed times too. :)

    1. Dude, let's synchronise for a Skype date and early night soon!

  3. September always hits me hard and this year is no exception. Trying to carve out time to just be is so hard at this time of year but so necessary!


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