Crafty pay-it-forward, via Matin Lapin (and Small Good Things)

The lovely Vixie and I have been friends for several years, and we have several things in common - a mutual love of kittens, RAoKing, tea, crafts and blogs being just a few of them.  Last week she posted about a crafty pay if forward she'd found on a blog called Small Good Things, and I decided to sign up too!  Do please play along if like me sometimes the siren call of the glitter and glue calls to you.....
The details:

I will send a surprise gift to the first three commenters on this post. The gift will be a handmade surprise by me and I will send it to you sometime in the next 365 days. All you need to do is the following:

Leave me a comment – I will get in touch with you about your mailing address and some other information about yourself.

To complete signing up, you must play along too by blogging a similar post and pledging to make a surprise for the first 3 people who comment on it. 

Huzzah for crafting!
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  1. I love crafty things - wish I had more talent for them. Although I do some wicked ornament painting.

    1. I will totes make you something :)

  2. Me me me! I don't have a blog though, so will Twitter count?


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