Five Minute Friday: Wide

Linking up with Lisa-Jo for five minutes of words and thinking amongst the hustle and bustle of this thing we call life.....

This week's prompt word is wide.


Sometimes the width gets to me.

The sheer scale of human-ness, of this life that we share, seems too big, too wide.

Mighty mountains, deep oceans, constant connectivity.  Money markets and twenty-four hour newcasts and political pointscoring.  Penguins marching across Antarctica, civil war in Syria, the iPhone 5.   

Sorrow deep enough to make your soul curl up into a ball - loves lost, hearts broken, paths forever changed.  A dark shadow on an X-ray, a moment gone awry.  Joy high and blessed and heavenly enough to make you wish for a pause button, to freeze forever that moment of joy - a newborn's cry, a first 'I love you', a soaring moment high above the workaday motions of cooking, cleaning, working.

There's so much to take in, so much to address.

But somewhere within this vastness, this width, this breadth, there are the simple things that join us all, whether we are in London, Fayetteville, Aruba or Beruit.  The joy of home, of belonging, of having somewhere to call your own.  The universality that children bring out in us all - to protect, to shield.  The bond of families - whether biological or created or a hotchpotch of friends who walk this journey with us.  The compulsion to believe - in God, in science, in music, in something.

And this narrow band, this commonality, makes the whole wide span of humanity all the more beautiful to observe....and a lot easier to understand.

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  1. How very true! Thanks for your beautiful insights!

    1. Thank you! Love what FMF prompts bring out :)

  2. I'm curious what Fayetteville you mean. In the US? There is a Fayetteville in Georgia, where my cousin lives. Also one in Arkansas.

    Very cool post.

    1. There are a few Fayettevilles, as far as I know - my grandparents used to live near one in Indiana, which is why I think it popped into my head. :)

  3. I love reading your Friday posts. Always something to make me think. Thank you xxx

  4. A good thing to keep in mind, as it can all be so overwhelming.

    1. True dat! It's always good to change up your perspective, I think.


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