Missive 1 from LNR

Exhibit A
I've been here for almost two months.  Almost two months.  And finally, I think my mission has become clear.

I, Leela Nymeria, am clearly here to show the two-legs how things should be done.  They really do have all kinds of newfangled ideas about the order of things!

Doors are not for keeping draughts out.  No no no - they are merely objects to hide behind, and this space is the wone from which you launch yourself, paws akimbo!  Post its are not for notes - they are clearly kitteh snacks!  Freshly laundered towels are perfect for a paw massage (see exhibit A)!Laptops are warm for one reason, and that is to warm my belly (see exhibit B).  They are also rather useful when it comes to writing missives to my fanbase, I must say!

I really do have my work cut out.  I shall get back to it anon.

Yours ever,
Leela Nymeria R.

 Exhibit B.

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  1. Leela, how wise you are! Also, bookcases are not for books. They are for climbing. - Vasil P. McNut


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