Music: workout edition

I've been being pretty good at working out recently.  Generally I'm using the cross trainer and/or the stationary bike 2 to 4 times a week, having a few decent walks after school, and fitting in a swim or Zumba class or two as well.  It feels good to stretch and raise the heart rate :).

A big part of a workout for me is the soundtrack, so hear, for your listening pleasure, are a few of my current workout faves.

WARNING: High cheese content ;)

Because there's always time for Gaga.


Yep.  Flo-Rida.

Oh, a vaguely cool artist.  Heh.  Workout music is generally so cheesy!

Yes, I listen to the Glee version.  No swears!

This song is ridiculous.  But brilliant for cardio!

What do you like to listen to when you're working out?

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  1. I think Sexy and I Know It is a great work out song and The Edge of Glory has carried me through manay a time!

  2. Whistle with Flo Rida! :) Pumped up kicks works well too! :D

  3. The first two songs have been on workout lists of mine too.

    I gotta make a new work out list. I've been using the same one all summer.

  4. Very cool. I'll put on Today's Hits station on TV or watch Oprah reruns. lol I know, crazy, but I focus on the topic and forget the sweat. Hey, whatever works, right??

  5. I listen to various artists and songs while I work out that I wouldn't normally listen to IE Rihanna, Britney Spears LOL, those sorts of dance songs that get me moving!

  6. Upbeat stuff for sure. Otherwise I'll just fall asleep ;)


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