New Year's Ambitions Update

August was a funny month for blogging and for blog based quests.  While many fab things happened in the month, working towards a lot of these goals did not happen.  So the autumn better get busy!

1. Write a 10,000 word children's story. So far: 3,911/10,000.

Turns out that kittens and the writing process and being lazy because it's very hot do not mix!

2. Write 200 letters/ cards / notes / postcards. So far: 150/200.

Definitely well ahead of target....huzzah!

3. Swim twice a week. So far: 2/104.

I am determined to at least hit the double figures now...

4. Go for three months without buying anything from Starbucks (June, July and August). This should help with #10 and #13 too! So far: 92/92.

Easiest ambition of all, and I saved a ton!

5. Write a blog post a day for the whole of 2012. 225/366.

I have blogged a lot this year....but then August arrived.  I am hoping with a few double post days I still might hit this target, and even if I don't, I won't be a million miles off!

6. Go for three months with no alcoholic beverages (January, March, and May). This should help with #10 and #13 too! So far: 70/93.

7. Complete all 52 weeks of a Project Life book and send it off to be published. So far: 31/52.

Going well - and I'm loving having the posts and the book to look back on!

8. Give blood. So far: 0/1

I was foiled repeatedly this month - tummy bug.  Central line failure.  Extreme heat.  Olympics.  Booking it in soon.

9. Read 52 books in the 52 weeks of 2012. So far: 35/52.

I love being a bookworm.  Summer has me slightly off target, and miles behind the magnificent Miss Christy, my reading idol!  Determined to get back on this :) Probably worth noting that this total is more than my yearly total in any of the last four years!

10. Become 'overweight' rather than 'obese'. So far: 10/66.

66 is never going to happen this year, but I pleased with what's happening after the disasters of earlier this year.

11. Volunteer for 3 hours per months (or equivalent of). So far: 36/36.

Like a boss....and with more opportunities ahead :)

Of course, surpassing it would be awesome!

12. Walk 500 Miles.** So far: 310/500.

Getting there - I'd love to reach my target :)

13. Have the equivalent of 2 months salary saved up for a rainy day. So far: 0%/100%

RESET: As the money I was saving has been invested into our first home together, I've set a new target, to have £1,000 saved by the end of the year.  So far: 59%/100%

Over halfway (I've been saving for this since May).

14. Go out and have fun, do things (parties, movies, gigs, theatre etc.) at least 4 times a month. So far: 58/48.

Such fun!  Love spending time with awesome people!

Keeping it going, happy with some of these and needing to work on other areas!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your goals are so inspiring! I never stick with my New Year's resolutions for even a month, let alone this long! Good for you! I especially love the reading and volunteer ones.


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