Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinterest: 38

The busier I get, the more I like to daydream about being at home, making things nice... I really love our house (number 38, hence the board name) and I have so many little (and big!) things I'd like to do.  From framing art to redesigning the garden, there's an endless to do list in my head.  I may just need to commit it to paper sometime soon, haha!

Here are a few lovely things I've 'pinned' recently!

I love the contrast of colour and muted tones on this. I'd love something a bit like this for our dining room, whenever it changes back from being a kitty hideout!

As a girl who loves a good countdown (96 days to Christmas, y'all), I can't help but think I need this in my life!

I adore this pillow. Cute and sweet and a little British too - parfait!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I would love this for our spare room! A great pop of colour, and the drawers would be ideal for storing linens! I am definitely saving for this when next I have some spare money.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Love this idea! I'd love to find a pallet to 'live' under the dining table or my desk...two prime cat hang outs!

Another dining room fave....or maybe the hallway? I really do need to make a list!

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  1. My comment totally disappeared! Just wrote that no matter what furniture or goodies I buy for kittehs, they just seem to want ours :)


Thank you for your comment - I do read them all but it may take me a little while (a couple of days) to respond during busy times. I love reading what you have to say!

Have a wonderful day!

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