Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pinterest: Homemaking

I love when I have time for getting our house neat and tidy. It's been lovely over this cool and crisp weekend to be able to get things organised a little and feel on top of chores a little more! I would love to have more time to devote to keeping things lovely, but alas, time's a precious, precious commodity and there just aren't enough hours in the day to get done all I'd like.

Still, we tick over nicely, and my list of things for the holidays grows....and grows.....and grows! One place I get a lot of inspiration for homemaking and doing things around the house has to be pinterest - there is such a wealth of tips and advice.

Here are a few pieces I've enjoyed recently.

I've wanted to make a proper household planner for a while now - I've tried and failed several times.  I think I might do one over Christmas to use in the new year - I seem to be getting more and more organised as I get older!

I can't wait to try this on some of our dingier linens!

I'm going to do this challenge throughout January - what better time than the post Christmas crazies to get our house, quite literally, in order? 31 days to get the house sorted.  I like it!

Soooooo many amazing tips.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I can't wait to do this one evening this week!  Love the idea of a cinnamon and orange scented home, yummy!

Modge podge-ing book pages onto canvas?  I think I'd like to do this for my Claire Lair....if I can bring myself to harm a book! 

Question time: What are your favourite chores?  What are your least favourite?

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  1. I'm not really into any chores, really, just do them because I like things being neat!


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