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There's something about the autumn which makes me want to head into the kitchen and cook something yummy.  Maybe it's the cooler temps and the darker nights, maybe it's being back at school- who knows?  Pinterest is full of inspiration as ever - here are a few things on my to do list, or at least on the radar!

These flourless breakfast treats look fairly healthy (the choc chips are optional!), and would be a great take-to-school carry along.  I often have muesli when I get to school at 7.30, but this would be great to nibble quickly on days when I have 7.30 or 7.45 meetings and a bowl of cereal is out of the question!

This site is great for times when you're a bit stuck - put the ingredients you have into their search, and they will suggest some recipes!  I'm often far too organised with our food, but I may try this one evening!

Honey cloud pancakes with egg whites, fruit and honey?  Oh, I must try this for our next girls' brunch!

Everyone on Pinterest seems to rave about these - Laura Bush's Governors Mansion cookies.  I need to give them a try, for sure!

A sweet potato vegeburger? *drools*

Just in time for winter, a ton of hearty soups - Matthew will be in heaven!

Such deliciousness!  What are you planning to cook up soon?
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  1. they all look yummy i really wanna try a dish with avocado... it's healthy but too bad for me coz avocado season is over in my country gotta wait for next year.

  2. Love a good bit of avocado! Guacamole is the best!

  3. I love soups. I have a selection of soup recipes - soon will be trying a tomato and pearl barley soup x

  4. Nom nom nom is right! BTW, Mr. RK used the phrase "epic nom" that copyright infringement?


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