Project Life Tuesday: September 16th-22nd

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Linking up with Jessica as ever for Project Life Tuesday!  So glad I've been able to keep this going so long!   Last week was a busy one, full of friends and food and fun....and tonnes of work, too!  Here are the pics from the week that was.

Pretty Eileen at our games night on Saturday.
Matthew chose to be the 'Flying Ratmen' in Small World.  It was pretty clever!
I sent a package off to Cali for my fall blog swap partner, Katie.  I'm looking forward to seeing if she likes it!  It also inspired me to do another package based giveaway soon - I love making 'Claire packages!'.
The Tower on Friday night.  I love how many cool sights there are here in town!
Matthew and I went to Bodean's for our anniversary dinner (because we're classy like that ;)).  Absolutely delicious - their pulled pork sandwich is divine!
What's a celebration without a cake?
Thursday I met Matthew and his colleagues for drinks an a tonne of amazing Chinese food (Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch is brilliant - try the set menu!  Ooooh, and the English garden cocktail too!).
I made a cat out of a CAT script.  My class were suitably amused, and now he is our class messenger.
Cocktails and yumminess with Miss Laura last Sunday.  I really am so blessed to have such awesome friends.
We we we so excited.
My classroom in 'tidy' shocker.
Another fun, busy week - looking forward to seeing everyone else's posts!
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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love that you call them "Claire Packages", put a smile on my face.


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