Project Life Tuesday: September 9th-15th

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Another busy week, and another chance to link up with Jessica for Project Life Tuesday!  September's always such a busy month round here, it's nice to snap a few of the moments.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to as well :).

Our cats are getting a lot more into the swing of things, and are grasping that their humans need to go to work.  That said they are always delighted to see us return!  Fry is well and truly becoming a cat, rather than a kitten - and he's learned a new party trick, as he can now jump up on the kitchen countertops.  Break out the disinfectant!
Leela loves to hang out with me whilst I work.  The fact that my laptop keeps her toasty is a fabulous fringe benefit, I'm sure!
Poppet doing yoga, in the sun.
Leela contemplates her next move!
On Saturday, Laura and I went to see the hilarious Austentatious, who I'd so enjoyed at Edinburgh.  Once again they were incredibly funny and clever!
Matthew and I popped to the pop up pub in our town hall last Sunday for a pint of ale.  As we're CAMRA supporters, it seemed the thing to do!
Yes, we've started the countdown!
Love this shot of Miss Leela.  Matthew had just finished his burger, and Leela jumped up and perused the plate, as if to say, "Where's mine?"

Sweet boy.
Leela on her tummy warmer.
Laura and I at Giraffe for lunch.
Adam and Ems were at Spitalfields for the market, so we popped over to say hi.  Adam is here doing some classic catalogue modelling posing.
The trademark 'pointing at something in the distance'.
Adam and Ems at her beautiful stall.
Pretty Laura.
Managed to grab a glass of wine with my lovely friend Emer after Open House - was lovely to catch up!  She's such an ace teacher.
Kwak and frites on Saturday - a treat!
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  1. Fun and funky photos. You leave me wanting a cat...and a glass of vino. :)

    1. One of my favourite combinations (the vino being for me, not the cat!).

  2. Your kitties are precious! I love the personalities of kittens, they are so curious about the world.

    1. They make me giggle daily (when they are not destroying things!).

  3. Your kittehs have been learning from naughty Mr. Vasil! And now Earl Grey has started randomly jumping up on counter tops...maybe to be competitively naughty?

    1. Haha! That would make total kitteh sense!


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