Project Life Tuesday: September 22nd - 29th

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Linking up with Jessica once more.  I can hardly believe it's now October....where on earth has this year gone?  Last week was another busy one, full of work and friends, and once again I actually remembered to snap a few pictures....

 Thursday night was coffee and treats at my friend Tybee's, where we were joined by Tanya, another friend of Tybee's and Tybee's husband Shachar.  It was a fun, chilled evening - I so enjoyed visiting!

 Usually Fridays are pretty social, but I had to zip back for a doctor's appointment at 6.  I then spent the rest of the evening reading and relaxing with Matthew and our three sweet kits!  Love this shot of Leela-paws.  She's brilliant at looking pensive, but is actually bananas!

 On Monday I popped over to north-west London to visit with my colleague Jo and her sweet dog, Mr Darcy.  Such a sweet boy!

 Laser cat.  Heh.
 Sunset on the Regents' Canal.

 Christmas is officially on its way....

12 weeks to go!

I had my boys design characters in English class.  This is my one - Super Cat!

Looking forward to catching up on everyone's weeks!
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