I'm a lucky girl. I know in that having a vocation I'm lucky enough to have a job I enjoy, which inspires me, stays fresh and challenging.

The boys are both hilarious and inspiring, and I genuinely have a lot of fun spending time with them and helping them progress. But me oh my, do I ever love the holidays too.

Waking up at 5, the marking load, the events (fun as they are) can be a bit of a trial, and really takes a toll, so a week at half-term to relax and recharge is absolutely invaluable.

It's also so great for the kids - this past week the fatigue has really started to tell and it's lovely for them to have a week off to rest and relax. Because next half-term is super busy too :)

I have lots of fun planned for this week - a trip to Bruges, coffees and brunches with some lovely folk, EPIC KITTEN TIMES - and also a lot of work/blog/JLL assignments to clear.

I'm also aiming for a run of eight hour sleep nights.

Because I love sleep.

For realz.
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  1. I so agree, I need a break on a regular basis to function well! Enjoy it! :)

  2. Enjoy your well-deserved rest! I look forward to hearing about your trip to Bruges!

  3. Epic kitten times don't usually mix well with sleep ;) So good luck!

  4. SLEEEEEEP! I freaking love sleep. Take care and enjoy xx

  5. Thank you all - sleeeeeep and laziness FTW!


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