Things I Like

1. Leafing through the Boden catalogue, daydreaming of what I might buy...when they next have a super sale!

2. Half-term break peeking around the corner.

3. Pukka nighttime tea and a good book at bedtime.

4. Cheese and pickle sandwiches - as an occasional treat they are worth every point!

5. Prioritising.

6. Cooler temperatures meaning cooler outfits - it's so much easier to work a look in the autumn!

7. The power to help.

8. Purrs and cuddles.

9. An impromptu visit from Henry on the horizon!

10. Impending fun with some of my favourite girls.
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  1. Purrs and cuddles - yes.

    For me, the crisp morning air, the colors finally turning, sweater weather, and the smell of the air.

  2. I am jealous of your half-term break. Nothing 'til Christmas for me. Boo to the North American school calendar!

  3. Cheese and pickle sandwiches are amazing. I might have one this week.


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