Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pinterest: Christmas

Surely *everyone* is feeling excited by now? ;)

Here, Dave the tree is almost up in all his splendour, and the house will soon be starting to look, sound, and smell an awful lot like Christmas :)

Source: etsy.com via Claire on Pinterest

I love chalkboard art :)  I'm nowhere near talented enough to make this, but I love the idea of sweet Christmas messages and quotes dotted around.

I need this stocking.  So do my cats.

I am *so* doing this for my class party!  Reindeer!

So many great ideas for Christmas activities!

I love doing RAoKs anyway, but at Christmas they are even more fun!  Lots of great ideas here - I may do some at Karmageddon at the weekend!

The reason for the season :)  If I still taught Sunday school, I'd totally use this!

Just looking at this picture makes my nose tingle with Christmassy citrussy yums!

How are your preparations going, lovelies?


  1. Getting to cards and yours is ready to go! Hopefully you'll get it in this calendar year ;)


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