Monday, December 10, 2012

32 in 32

As I post this, it's about to be the actual moment where I turn 32.  32, yo.  Yes, at 7.15pm, in a hospital ward far north of here, I made my debut, and have been causing trouble ever since!  This year for my birthday, I thought I would set myself a challenge, so here we have it - the 32 things I am hoping to do in the next 12 months....  Those of you who know about my New Year's Ambitions this year (update on that at the end of the year) know how much I dearly love a list.  Here goes!

1. Write 1 book/ebook.

2. Visit at least 2 other countries.

3. Give blood at least 3 times.

4. Pay off £4,000 of my student loan.

5. Run 5K, either at an organised event or just pounding the pavement!

6. Go to the theatre 6 times!

7. Visit 7 different UK cities.

8. Have 8 pyjama days!

9. Write and photograph at least 9 cookery posts.

10. Attract 10 new sponsors for Holiday Hampers, whether big or small.

11. Spend 11 days 'unplugged' - no phone, no internet, no TV.

12.  Frame 12 of my favourite pictures and mail them to the people involved with a note.

13. Try 13 new recipes.

14. Write 14 poems and post them here on my blog.

15. Give away/donate 15 carrier bags of stuff to the PDSA shop.

16. Workout or walk 16 times a month, all year.

17. Use the library at least 17 times.

18. Visit 18 different London landmarks.

19. Go to church at least 19 times.

20. Write to my sponsor child, Wendy 20 times.

21. Take at least 21 walks of more than 5 miles.

22. Spend 22 hours working on another language.

23. Have at least 23 'no spend' days.

24. Read 24 books.

25. Have people over for dinner/brunch/lunch 25 times.

26. Try at least 26 homemaking/cooking tips from pinterest.

27. Make 27 gifts for people throughout the year.

28. Watch 28 new (to me) movies.

29. Find 29 songs I like to sing on karaoke.

30. Volunteer for 30 hours.

31. Swim 31 times.

32. Lose 32 pounds.


  1. Happy birthday, sweetie! I didn't know you had a sponsor child. I would like to go visit 7 UK cities (and swim, come to think of it, but it's a bit chilly for that.)

  2. What a great list, Claire! And, happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy birhtday!

    Such an ambitious list, but you are definitely one of the most ambitious people I know and it pays off because you are able to accomplish such great things!

    I wish you particular luck in running a 5K. Def sign up for a race! They are very motivating and fun!

    ps Thanks for reminding me that I need to send a letter to my sponsor child.


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