All I Want For Christmas...

...time to nap.

...time to reflect.

...cuddles with kittens.

....Christmas carols on the radio.

...cosy layers.

....time with friends and family and Matthew.

...fairy lights.

...days on end that don't require heels or smart clothes.

...walks in the park.

...time to reset.

....pyjama days.

...pancake breakfasts. to give.

...early nights.

...that mulled wine, mince pie, pine tree smell.

...time to reflect and appreciate.

...good books and time to read them.

...warbling voices straining for the high notes in 'O Come All Ye Faithfull'.

....cheesey Christmas movies, and the chance to watch them snuggled up under a blanket.

...giggles of small boys getting excited for the festivities.

I'm so lucky - everything I want is on the cards.  This season is always so busy and mad, but once school breaks up life becomes much more measured and calm.  At the moment it's fever pitch - one part academics, one part Christmas, one part exhaustion.  But it's fun, and the end of term is twinkling just around the bend....

What do you want for Christmas, lovely folk?
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  1. I love your list! :) I am so looking forward to winter, family, gingerbread making and reading good books in the morning and nobody to disturb me! :)

  2. Oh, you know...the small peace, all that :)

    1. It's all about the little things, right?

  3. I think my list is not dissimilar to yours. Hope you get all that you need sweetie x


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