Christmas Drinks

Last Tuesday, we had our fourth annual Christmas Drinks - out first in our own home!  Despite an awful lot of our guests being detained due to travel hiccups and ill health, we still had a very decent turnout and it was so nice to toast the season with such a lovely bunch of people.

A huge thank you to everyone who came along!

We had so much yummy food - cheese, dips, crackers, fruit, crisps, bread, mince pies, brownies, cookies, sweets, mulled wine and champagne cocktails amongst other things!  We greeted the first guests at a little after 5 and bid the last few adieu at half past 11.  A fun, fun night!

Hannah being silly!
 Mid-convo action shot!

 Mmmmm.  Brownies.  And Lou!

Eileen sampling some of the goodies.
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  1. Fun and festive and a little silliness, too. You know how to celebrate, chica! Merry Christmas!!

    Much love and hugs from Miami...Ily ♥


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