Kitteh Update - Fry

We've had our little katzen for nearly six months now and I realised I hadn't done an update recently!  Now we're on winter break I thought it would be the perfect time for them to have centre stage :)  The three of them are so well settled now and are a real delight (and a real handful!), but it's lovely to see their natures emerging :)

Fry is our little boy cat, and he is now 7 months old.  He is turning into a real tomcat, stocky and strong!

He has the softest, silkiest fur and big yellow green eyes, and he adores having fusses and giving 'kisses'.

He likes hanging out with Leela and Poppet, but can sometimes get a little rough - he's a proper boycat and loves rough and tumble.  He is determined to take after his mother and become a jumper before long.  He loves chasing things, food, visitors and shiny paper.

He has the sweetest nature and the teeniest squeak in place of a miaow.  He dearly loves humans and adores Matthew, but hates the hoover and loud music.  He has incredibly sharp claws which he doesn't always know how to control, but he's learning.

As well as Fry, he also responds to the name 'Pookie' (long story) and he is beyond transfixed by tinsel and baubles.

Such a sweet boy!
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