Kitteh update - Leela

The smallest of our three kittens is Leela.  In the five months since she joined our household she has blossomed, growing from a timid and scared little thing to one of the soppiest cats on the planet!

Leela used to be quite terrified of any humans, but now adores attention.  One of her favourite things is in the morning when I come down to make coffee & tea and she gets to gallop up the stairs to greet Matthew for a morning snuggle.

The girl loves snuggles - I had to interrupt her photo shoot to have a wee cuddle!
Little face.  As well as Leela, she is also called Miss Paws, and she has a ferocious and enthusiastic purr.  She loves cuddles and attention and is a proper 'dogcat' - she is always waiting for me when I get in from work, ready to tell me all about their day!

Leela loves to miaow and have a chat.  She is also fanscinated by cameras.

And the kitty Christmas tree.  Such a sweet baby girl.
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  1. Sweet indeed! I love how she had to cuddle in between pictures. They are lucky that you two adopted them into your family ;)

    1. We're all lucky, I think - I'd miss these guys so much! Such a great addition to our little family unit.


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