Kitteh update - Poppet

The third of our lovely crew is Poppet, our mummy cat!  She is definitely the boss of the house and keeps all the kittens and humans in line!

Poppet likes to keep to herself more than the tiny cats, but she's very fond of us too, I think.  Here she is waiting for Matthew to get home.  She loooooves Matthew!

Shy girl!

She likes to teach the kitzen katzen many skills - here she is extolling the virtues of being nosey.

While Poppet is often out exploring and is less fond of being held than the other two she dearly loves a good fuss, and naps *hard*.  Her favourite place to sleep is in her donut - and when she's done and gets up for a snack or some water she loves to flip it upside down so no-one else can use it, ha!

She loves to hunt (but hasn't yet figured out how to kill prey...) and to guard too (here she is guarding the cans of kitteh nom!).  She is such a beautiful and quiet cat, and is really well settled into life here now.  Poppet rules!
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  1. I think if cats drove, "Nap hard!" would definitely be their bumper stickers.

  2. Poppet is really Beautiful! I love the very sweet markings!

  3. Poppet is a beautiful cat! Love the pics =)



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