Saturday, December 08, 2012

Pinterest: Christmas

Oh, Christmas, Christmas. How I adore thee.

Oh Pinterest, Pinterest, I love you too!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Love these cute little cards emblazoned with things to enjoy during this most fun of seasons!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Oh good gravy!  How yum do these look?

Adorable - I wonder if you could make these with lebkuchen?

Canvas boards covered with wrapping paper - so smart!

Love how sparkly this is - dollar store wax/plastic fruit spraypainted or dipped in glitter.  Would be so beautiful on the table!

Baubles on ribbons.  What a sweet way to dress up a mantel.  Lord, I'd love a mantel.  Or maybe I just love the idea of one?

Love this season with all my heart!


  1. Do you have Pottery Barn in the UK? They have lots of stuff like the glittery pears!

  2. I made those white chocolate cherry cookies for my cookie swap last year and they were fabulous!


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