Five Minute Friday: Again

Five Minute Friday

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This week's AGAIN.


Again, again, the jauntiness of the ringtone jars with the deep gloopy darkness of the January morning.  How can it be morning again?  How can the hours of peaceful slumbers have slipped by so quickly, like water through the hands, barely noticed?

I hit the snooze button and burrow a little deeper beneath the duvet.  I pull it up over my eyes.  Perhaps if I can't see the clock, it's not time to get up?  I push my head under the pillows, hoping to muffle what's coming next.


I roll my eyes and slip an arm out, groping for my phone in the greyness.  Found, pressed, silenced.

With superhuman effort I push myself out of bed, regaled with words from the angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other.

"Well done, Claire!  Another 5.15 wakeup done!  Let's go watch TV and work out! You can do it!"

"Claire, you utter muppet.  WHY ARE YOU AWAKE???? Go back to bed!  The bed's still warm....."

I choose, quickly, rashly, snatching up water bottle and workout kit, and march myself to the bathroom.  The tiles are chilly on my feet as I change from cosy sleepwear into shorts and teeshirt.  And I walk downstairs, to start again."

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  1. Eek! 5.15 is still the middle of the night in my book! I salute you for your superhuman determination - hope it pays off! I like the way you describe that early morning bleariness. Coming to you via Five Min Friday (nice to find someone else from the UK!) x

    1. Lovely to meet you! Yeah, 5.15 is tough....

  2. I love this, we do writing exercises like this in some of the modules that I do at uni! It's great that its so relate-able, although I wish I had your will power! Unfortunately the bed won this morning, was great at the time but regret it now! x

    1. Thanks so much - I love Five Minute Friday!

  3. Wow, that is early! I work out at night, otherwise I'd never do it...good for you!

    1. Thanks hon - it's all good, right?


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