Saturday, January 05, 2013

Leela Missive, 5/1/13.

Loyal friends, devoted fans....

How are you?  I trust this finds you well as we gallop on apace into the meat of the new year.  Here, all is well, as I continue with my mission to infiltrate this household.

As the pictures show, I'm doing pretty well.

Alas, I must confess to a slight mistake on my part, however.

I think I like my humans. Like, really like.

What was originally a strictly business arrangement seems to have grown into genuine affection.  I miss them when they are gone.  I like having cuddles.  I miaow if they don't talk to me and I can hear them elsewhere in the house.

This was not part of the plan.

I must go sit in a bin while I cogitate upon this.

Until next time,

Leela Nymeria R.


  1. Ah, Miss Leela, 'tis the tender trap. I have turned into a big cuddler myself. I even sleep on their bed every night!

    - Vasil P. McNut

    1. Ah Vasil, you lucky thing! Claire assures me that as long as I insist on tapdancing with my claws when excited this is not going to happen here...

  2. Both pics show a beautiful, fun-loving and affectionate personality. I miss my tabby cat. (She passed away last year at the age of 19...almost 20).

    I'm afraid to get a new kitty with the two beasties we have living with us, a lab and a husky...but one day I shall have that lovely orange kitty I've always wanted. :)

    Happiest of New Years to you and your furry friend!

    1. She really is a treasure - sweet and loving to a fault! I hope you do get that lovely kitty one day. Artists + cats = a genius combination!


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