Live Post!*

*not that the others are dead posts, you understand, more to emphasise that this post is live, as in happening right now, as in sat in the lovely Luxe in London's Spitalfields, sipping a tasty red wine, surrounded by some very impressive bloggers and the delightful crew from NuffnangX.

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Welcome friends, readers, etc. to my first (?), or at least my first in a while, live blog.

A little like Five Minute Friday, this is me, just writing as I go.

Unlike Five Minute Friday, it's me, with a bunch of cool folk, in a lovely restaurant, writing snippets in between writing prompts, chats about laptops, and the prerequisite staring into space that always needs to happen on a Wednesday.  What is it about Wednesdays?

First things first, introductions.  I've had a lovely chat with May, Adeline and Prad, who blog about food and photography.  As ever I find myself in awe of bloggers who stick to one topic and do it well!  Me, I'm a magpie, always have been.  Just as in study I'm a little here, a little there (maths!  History!  English!), I'm the same on my blog - cookery, thinking-out-loud, music, silliness.

Oh, and cats.  Lots and lots of cats.

It's quite comforting, writing here. The click of keys being struck (as we call them keystrokes, I'm figuring 'struck' should work?), the clang of cutlery being assembled for a yummy meal (that I don't have to cook!  Or wash up!  To quote Charlie Sheen at his maddest, "Winning!").  The red wine is flowing and I'm enjoying relaxing, chatting to some interesting people.  I seem to have an awesome waitress/overseer who keeps checking my drink needs.  She can definitely stay (shout out, awesome Luxe person!).

I really think it's fun coming along to blog meets like this.  For years I didn't, and I'm not sure why....shyness, probably.  I'm a bit of a wuss, and often shy away from new and different situations, but it's been so good to meet other bloggers, and to realise quite how many of us there are.

Everyone is so cool and interesting and clever here....but so nice too!  I've been chatting East London with Fleur and the idiosyncracies of the Invernessian accent with Chris.  Good times!

But now, time for supper.  More soon?

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  1. Replies
    1. Nah, this was me...Fry would involve catnip and kitteh milk - he's not a red wine fan :)

  2. love this post...will there be a part 2?

  3. I think it's great to be a hodge podge. We live life that way, so why not blog that way!


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