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My "Classroom Funkiness" board over on Pinterest is always busy - because the whole site is crammed with great ideas for teaching and learning.  Here are a few of my recent favourites!

How cool is this?  You can change your own handwriting into a font!  This is definitely on my 'to do' list for school!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I love these beautiful vocabulary notebooks - such a wonderful way to encourage language development!

I am going to make a big display on 'said' and this will be a great prompt to set us off!

100 classroom organising tips!  My classroom is small, so any advice which makes it easier to organise and manage is a huge boon.

Absolutely loads of adjustable worksheets - great for differentiation and tests!

I have made one of these to use in our form periods, and it's such fun!  It's a great way to encourage freer chat and listening skills.

Love this - a wealth of methods for spelling, vocabulary and fine motor skills!
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  1. Neat finds, as always.

    Hope the new term is awesome for you and your boys!


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