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Oh helloes hoomans!

How be you?

It has beened many times since I hav writted to you - I am sorry!  I have been vereh buseh with my kitteh adventures, and becoz Maffoo and Clur were around so much over the Crismast holidays it wus vereh trickeh to get onto the compooter!

Ere in the kitteh relm, all is good.

Leela and Fry and me were chattin the uver day and we realized we av been ere 6 hole munths now!  We did realise this because it wus my birfday and I am TOO years old now!  That is manehs and means that I am officially a teenager katzen.  Watch out, Leyton!

I am luvving being able to go outside so much now.  I am boss of our garden, of course and also like to patrol the gardens around our way.  Clur likes to peep out of er study window to see wut I am up to, is tru fact!  There are several other kittehs round ere, but they tend not to cause much bovver.  One cat (oo we call 'unit cat', because he is EPIC BIG) does come into our garden sometimes, but e is mostly ok.  Fry does find im fascinating because he looks like a growed up Fry cat!

Rite, I cans here the hoomans gettin ready for sleeps, so i had better close and look all innocent.  That way i will prolly get a cuddle and a chickun stick.  Have a good nite, buddies!

Poppet 'Middle Names Are Overrated' R.

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  1. Replies
    1. Our three are very sweet, and very spoilt!

  2. It are your birthday? Time for noms!

    - Vasil P. McNut
    (I can has middle name. Is Plotcharsky.)

    1. That is a ver gud middle name! On my birfday I dids get maneh chickens :)

      - Poppet


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