A Missive from Leela Nymeria

Greetings all.

First and foremost, my apologies.

It has been altogether too long since my last missive.

Such is life in the field.

Between eating, napping, grooming, and being adorable, time is short.

And Claire's been working far too hard, so access to the laptop has been limited.

Dash it all!

Life continues apace here in the East, and the humans have responded well to their latest training.

Their ability to follow instructions and yield more and more each day to us, their kitteh overlords, is pleasing.

They have also grasped that increased access to sofas and boxes was always a 'when' rather than an 'if' scenario.

As I said, very pleasing.

Now, if I could just stop this blasted precipitation...

Yours ever,
Leela Nymeria R.
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  1. Ms. Leela,

    It rains here about 8 months of the year - if you find a solution, please do share.

    Yours truly,
    Vasil P. McNut

  2. Leela, that is a great picture of you in all of those boxes. My human's ability to bring me boxes is lacking in the least.

    Ms. Rilo Kitty

  3. Leela, you should get your own blogger account instead of borrowing Claire's.


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