Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pinterest: If I Ever Procreate

At the moment, Matthew and I do not have children (unless you count the cats, ha!), but that doesn't stop me pinning the cool things I see for wee folk.  As a teacher, and having lots of friends with wee folk, it's full of inspiration, and often has ideas I can adapt to use with my form or my classes!

I'm a huge believer in positive reinforcement when it comes to behaviour - if we focus too much on telling off, children will never feel enthused to behave in the way you'd desire.  Punishments are a necessary part of the cycle, but plenty of praise and positive words need to happen too!  Love this 'caught ya being good' jar!

What a cute way of helping kids to organise their things!  I'd love to do this for my form if I had room!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Firstly, independent. /English teacher /apologies for persnickety-ness

LOVE this list - what a great way of figuring out when to introduce and nurture skills.  This is a definite thing to do if I'm ever blessed enough to have a family.

I love 'quiet time' for children, and as a teacher know what skills can be cultivated away from screens, timetables and adult involvement - creativity blooms, imagination thrives!  Now, older children can manage this time happily themselves, but for smaller folk these buckets are a genius idea!

A list of things children wish their parents would do with them.  So cute!

Fine motor skills are so useful in elements like writing and the arts - what child could resist a busy board like this?

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Best. Lunches. Ever.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I'm really intrigued by this programme - I think I'll give it a read over the summer.  Always ready to pick up some extra tips!

Lots of sage and savvy advice here - if I ever procreate I think I'll be reading a lot of articles like this :).


  1. Loving this post! I am a Pinterest addict, and I totally have a board for if/when I have kids. There are so many good ideas out there!


  2. Well, well, very interesting title! I have to say, I think you'd be a great parent.

    1. Thanks, honey. That's so sweet of you to say!


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