Poppet Post!

Elloes Oomans!

Ow does?

I wus trying to nom Clur's compooter (is not nom!) when I remembered I had not writted you all for a long time!  I is sorry, it has bin very busy ere wiv decoratin and ooman visitors and naps and noms.  We likes to be busy katzen, is troo fact!

I av time to rite today though, becos Maffoo and Clur are busy and is too chilly on my paws to go out.  Last week it had gotted rilly sunny and nice, but this week it is bitter cold!  The wind does whip my furr and make my paws frozenbobs!  So I is spendin many times inside insted.  I am readin and relaxin and groomin and keeping those kitten in line.  Is epic important!  I hopes the spring does arrive soon.  I am wanting to moult all overs the kitteh room.

I had better go now - I want to read Clur's Tatler magazine before she gets back.  Hee hee hee, I is a sneaky katzen!

Many friendlehs,

Poppet 'Middle Names Are For The Weak' R.

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  1. 'Allo Poppet! Blog soon, I must.
    - Mandrake

  2. Es pease, Mandrake! That would be epic win!

    - P-c


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