Cornwall, part 3

A last batch of photos from our adventures out west with the family.  I can't wait until the clan gets back together again!

Daniels and Suthers (my sister's dogs) enjoying some playing outside!

Daniels decided to give me a "kiss".  Ewwwwwww!

She then composed herself for a proper snap.  Such a quirky little dog!

My sister's view - a little different to mind her in East London!

As we hadn't been north for Christmas, Peter had brought my birthday and Matthew and my Christmas presents with him.  He knows how much I loathe the whole '50 shades...' phenom, so this gift made me laugh and laugh!  Good shout, bro.

What a view!  Our chalet was so nice - plenty of space, light and comfy.  The perfect base for a family holiday!
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