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I am a dyed in the wool bookworm.  Even my degree is in English & Film, so I spent four years in academia surrounded by poetry, prose, film and music, and I adore the written word as much as any English specialist I know.  After a few years in the wilderness I'm back into reading a lot for pleasure.  Last year I managed 52 books....this year I'm aiming for 62.

For this post I thought I'd write about the five books I love the most - the ones I'm always pressing on others.  Even this was tricky - there are many firm favourites that have not cracked this list - but five seemed like a good, solid number.  Succinct enough to force me to be decisive....long enough to allow some generosity.  My favourites, in no order bar alphabetical by title - asking me for one favourite is like asking a parent who their favourite child is - are:

Gone With The Wind*- Margaret Mitchell

I adore Margaret Mitchell's book.  It has is all - drama, history, romance, tension, one liners, humour, horror, redemption and cliffhangers.  I read this book, all 1011 pages of it, at least every other year and never fail to laugh, cry and rage along with it.  The sublime film is a fantastic complement to the text.

Join Me - Danny Wallace

This silly, quirky book is not only an enjoyable read, but also changed my life.  After reading Danny Wallace's book, I sent off my passport photo and joined his kindness collective/ cult/ ragtag bunch of friendly folk.  That was seven or so years ago, and since then I've met so many wonderful people because of this book - not least my darling fiancé (the friend who introduced us, the lovely Lou, is a Joinee!).  On its own, the book is fab.  As far as lifechanging tomes go, for me it's completely turned my world upside down.  In a truly special way.

Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

Eight-year-old me lived and died by this book, and thirty-something me still loves it.  I reread it every year over summer break and still cry at the crucial moments!  I have made peace with the fact that I'm more of a Meg than a Jo, and adore the portrayal of the the relationships between the March sisters.  Louisa May Alcott writes so generously and charmingly - it's a warm, cosy, familiar book for me.

Love is a Mixtape - Rob Sheffield

This book combines a cracking romantic story with music and mixtapes, so I was always going to fall for it hard.  Witty, wise and honest, it manages to wrench the heart-strings and raise a smile, often on the same page.

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

The big cahuna, which I did not read until my early twenties.  Jane Austen's writing I just love - her descriptions, her incisiveness, her wit - and her characters are never more stunningly drawn than in P&P (although Sense and Sensibility and Emma are both also firm favourites!).  A justified classic.

Good heavens, I love to read.  I am looking forward to finding some recommendations today on the other blogs taken part in #BEDM!

*brilliantly, this typoed as Gone With The Wine.  Possible autobiography title?
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  1. Hmm, that's a tough one. I don't think I could narrow it down to five books, maybe five authors? Even so...

  2. Brilliant post :) I've added some of your favourites to my reading list!

    Kerri x

  3. Join Me changed my life :)

    SO very glad you read it :)

  4. Gone with the Wine. AWESOME!

    Thanks for Love is a Mixed Tape as a gift. I'd actually read it before, but plan to re-read it. Maybe this summer?

    Little Women was a fave of mine as a kid too. I really loved the film version with Winona Ryder et al.


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