Blog Every Day In May: Life's A Lesson

Now, I'm a teacher.

I love a good lesson.  I like nothing more than picking up a new skill, whether it's a new method for multiplication, a hair styling tip, or some little piece of trivia or knowledge that enlightens and inspires.

So boiling it down to just one lesson is tricky.  Unless I choose to be cliché.

Ah well, cliché it shall be....

The best lesson I've ever learned?

Is be kind.

Be kind to others, to animals, to children, to friends, to family, to your partner, to the people that drive you doollally, to yourself.

(Some of those people are easier to be kind to than others!)

Be kind, even when you're tired or stressed or busy or ill.  Be aware that the energy you put out into the world can be a force for good or for bad.

I slip up.

I get it wrong.

But I'm trying.

To be kind.
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  1. So true. We were just talking about this today. No reason to be rude!

  2. Yes. Be kind - including to yourself. Really hard to do but really worth doing (I'm struggling with it at the moment and I have no idea why)


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