Project Life Tuesday: Catching up

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Linking up with the lovely Jessica as I attempt to stop squeeing about being engaged / working / planning long enough to catch up on the PL work I've missed.  Last weekend I finished off February and headed off into March :)

Pictures from my pre-visit to the Roald Dahl Museum!  I was thrilled to learn I am exactly the same height as Miss Honey from Matilda.  My class thought that was pretty super too!

Sunshine, wine, cats, Matthew - some further glimpses of half-term break.  Matthew and I went to The Wolseley and The Ritz - such a treat!

More of the late winter spring and the excitement of seeing Book of Mormon in its preview weeks.  So much laughter.

Glimpses of Shona's visit in early March.  Love that girl!

Next week I'll hope to whizz through March, and then it's just a hop, skip and jump to the present (she said, no doubt all too confidently!).  Looking forward to catch up with everyone's posts over a cup of coffee later!  

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  1. I so need to do this! For all of my organization, my pictures and mementos are in boxes, unsorted.

    1. I hear you! Boxes and boxes of stuff!


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