Project Life Tuesday: Finishing off March!

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Well, here in London it is half-term break (read: time to nap and write up reports ;)), which leaves me with a little spare time to catch up on some Project Life work and able to link up with Jessica for Project Life Tuesday.  I have to say, I love that I'm doing Project Life this year as it's tunring out to be such a fun. exciting year!  Today I have finished up my pages for March, and the next step (hopefully up next week) will be April (Cornwall, Gran Canaria, getting engaged!).

March moments - Matthew was working some very late nights so the kittens and I had a lot of time together, ha!  On the weekends Matthew and I completely re-did our back spare room and I'm so pleased with how it has turned out.  The blue with hints and splashes of yellow is so welcoming and friendly!

March was also a month of getting little jobs done, wandering the city, playing games with my class, going to alumni is rarely dull around here!

The first few days of Easter break were divine - lots of guests over for tea and cake, a tonne of reading, and plenty of fusses with Leela, Poppet and Fry!  As mad as termtime can be, I know I am so blessed to get the vacations I do!
So that's March done!  Only one month behind now.....looking forward to getting some more done soon!
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  1. You are making good progress - It must take a lot longer to do the physical books than just collecting digital images - but be a lot more worthwhile?

  2. We have seen so many BBC things set in gorgeous Cornwall that we have resolved to go! Maybe for 10th anniversary next year ;)


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