Project Life Tuesday: Getting On, and a list of plans!

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Another week, another chance to link up with Jessica and tell you all how I'm getting on.  It is so nice to see the book coming together, even if busy weekends like last weekend (visits and our engagement party) mean that I have a hot date with an awful lot of catch up on the cards soon!
I'm also starting to plan ahead for a few double page spreads that I'm going to work on over the summer - as much as I am enjoying taking pictures as and when, I'm thinking targeting a few key events, people and things will really add to the book.  The sort of things I'm thinking of are:
1. Eileen's hen do - so excited to celebrate our girl!
2. The madness of the end of term at school - exams, reports, parties, end of term trips and treats...
3. Our trip to Vienna for Eileen and Rory's wedding - four days away, a beautiful wedding and fun in a fantastic city.
4. An update on the house and how the decorating is going.
5. Matthew's 30th.  A bunch of our friends are heading down and it should be a chilled, fun evening!
6. Our trip up to Forres for my mummy's birthday.
7. Wedding planning - looking at venues, our save the dates, planning things.  One of my awesome bridesmaids, Hannah, is going to make us a wedding scrapbook (how kind is she?), but I'd like to include some elements of the journey in Project Life too.
8. The Edinburgh Festival - so excited to catch tonnes of shows!  It's actually where we met five years ago.
9. The tea party I'm planning in July to celebrate one year of our having the cats.  Love our furbabies!
10. Summer fun - picnics and girldates and barbecues.
So many fun things to record!  More on my pages next week, but for now I'll close with some pictures from the fun this weekend - I've just sent them off to be printed for our 'engagement party' page!
So lovely to catch up with friends!

Love our wedding ducks!

At lunch with Laura the morning after - Matthew and I cheesing it up! I really need to work on my 'ring' pose!

Isn't my colleague Emer a cutie?

Junior League girls always liven up a party!  Love these ladies.

Speaking of ring arrived on Friday.  I love it so!

It was so sweet to have Laura visit.  She is such an awesome friend.
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  1. Congrats. Your ring is gorgeous!! So sweet that your friend is doing an album up for you!

  2. Your ring is so pretty! Happy birthday to Matthew. I had no idea he was a "younger man." ;)


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