Happy 1st Year Home, Katzen!

One year ago, we trooped over to Canning Town to pick up the newest additions to our home - Poppet, Leela and Fry.  They have added so much happiness to our lives with their sweet little faces and cute little ways.  Katzen rule!

A small Leela helping with the laundry.

Our two pretty girls!

Poppet on the very first day we brought the cats home.  She was so skinny and scared, poor little love.

Leela's first proper cuddle on the couch.

Such a pretty face.

Fry, the amateur hairdresser.

In their donut.


Poppet sleeping on the couch with me - her growing trust and comfort has been a delight to observe.

Fry helping out in my office.

Dinner time!

Such a photogenic kitten!

Fry loves the camera - he's a wee ham!

Poppet loves to be close to her 'hoomans'.

Cuddles galore!

Computers....you're doing it wrong.

Helping to pack.

Getting ready for Christmas entertaining.

Sweet boy - the camera doesn't do his sweet face justice!

Waiting for Matthew.

The kittens on their very first day.


Tiny Fry and Poppet in their box.

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  1. They are so lucky to have you! Vasil has become an "amateur" hairdresser in the mornings now when he wants us to get up ;)

  2. Oh this is just lovely - happy anniversary to you and your kits x


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