Sunday, July 21, 2013


So the accountability posts didn't work.

Or the mad timetable of workouts.

Or the NO JUNK FOOD or NO TAKEAWAYS proclamations.

All words.

No action.

You know what does work?

Big-ass salads for lunch.

Getting on the elliptical.

Walking, walking, walking.

That's what I've done so far this summer, and 11 days in to the new regime, I've lost 3% of my body weight.

More to come, I hope.

More gym.

More sleep.

More water.

More losing.

More soon.


  1. I find the less I talk about it and the more I do it the better it goes - great work Claire!

  2. Well done ! Glad you are finding things that are working!


Thank you for your comment - I do read them all but it may take me a little while (a couple of days) to respond during busy times. I love reading what you have to say!

Have a wonderful day!

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