Show Us Your Life: Favourite Online Shops

This week on Show Us Your Life, sweet Kelly is having us write about our favourite online shops.  I'm not the most devoted shopper in realmlife, so I have to say that online shopping is often a complete godsend, particularly when prepping for special occasions like Christmas.  My top five sites are probably:

Not on the high street:  This site has grown and grown over the last few years and is chockablock with the loveliest items - homewares, gifts, wedding things, jewellry, baby things.  It's a great portal for creators too - my clever crafty friend Vixie has items on the site, clever girl!

Amazon: It's big & it's clever.  I try to shop indie where I can in the real world, but amazon can often tempt me.  You know how it goes - it's late, you read a review of a great book or zip across to amazon and it arrives in the next couple of days.  Amazon and my credit card are way, way too friendly.

Threadless: I love Threadless for cute, quirky stuff - teeshirts, hoodies, homewares.  Even though I'm a grown up, I do still love a goofy, geeky teeshirt!

Boden: Boden (along with M & S) is pretty much my work uniform.  Both brands make beautiful, well-made, quality clothes that look cute and can stand up to the demands of a teaching day (muddy hands, paint, up-down-up-down!).  Boden's cuts are great also - the tops aren't too lowcut nor the skirts too short, which is grand.

The wedding of my dreams:  I love this little site for wedding details.  Had I the money to spare I could spend far too much on details like bunting and mailboxes, haha!  It's lovely to while away ten minutes and has certainly given me a few ideas!

I love online shopping and am so looking forward to finding some new destinations through this link up!
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    1. Stopping by from Kellys Korner. Saw your post on Bloglovin'. I love Amazon also! Please come by and visit us at

  2. This is really appreciate and this is what i had been searching since past week.


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