Our House at Christmas (a.k.a. Look, Mum!)

I love Christmas (who'd have thunk it?), and decorating the house is a real treat.  I thought I'd share a few pictures of how the house looks right now - partly becuse I love it, and also so my mummy and anyone else who's interested but far away can enjoy the sparkles.  Enjoy!

As the cats can get a little destructo, we decorate a few rooms - the dining room (higher up where kittehs can't reach as easily), the sitting room and the bedroom.  Here's a brief tour!

 Pretty flowers and sweet treats in the dining room.

 Hula Santa watching over some cards.

 Dave, our main tree.

 Bobbity Badger likes to get in the Christmas spirit too :)

 As do the fish!

 Cosy Christmas cushions and blankets - perfect for movie fests.

 So many exciting packages.  We are lucky badgers!

 In the dining room/kitteh room there are just a few touches - the vases, mini tree, cookies and sign just nod to the season a little.  I bought the sign at a market this month - isn't it sweet?

Please forgive my glamorous hoodie - I had been volunteering all afternoon before taking this shot!

 Our giant 'expedit' units in the sitting room act as a mantle - so lovely to have somewhere to display all our cards and trinkets.

 Davina tree.  No word of a lie - all those presents are for Matthew!

 Ha!  The guests at our Christmas drinks giggled to discover there were even baubles in the bathroom!  You have to, right?  Plus Christmas scented air freshener, ha!

 Our jolly wreath.

 And our even jollier snowman!  As I post this it's just THREE sleeps till Christmas - eeeeeeeeeeee!

 More pretties in the sitting room.

 Yep, still more.

 Our nativity, complete with a mini Poppet smash!  She really likes toppling the shepherd.

 Pretty lights in front of the TV.
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  1. Love it all! You are the queen of Christmas.

  2. Look Mom is right! Your place looks like Pottery Barn did it! Well done!

  3. Thanks ladies! You are too kind!


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